Sh*tty blog post: 5 Ways to “Find Your Voice” as a Writer

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this post is NOT serious…I am trying to imitate the ubiquitous and annoying list-style articles that nauseate me daily. Some attributes of the sh*tty blog post list article are:

  • pointless alliteration
  • short sentences
  • conversational style
  • insufficient explanation of listed elements, for example leaving out major pitfalls or difficulties associated with an item, or omitting an explanation of how an item actually works
  • polly annaish encouragement of the reader
  • unnecessary jokes about popular culture that detract from the main idea
  • Severely unpolished or boxed introduction and conclusion
  • milk-toast feeling
  • exaggeration

Are you ready for my sh*tty blog post?  Here it is:

5 Ways to “Find Your Voice” as a Writer 

Are you ready to find your voice as a writer?  Whether you’ve just started a diary or have been working on the Great American Novel, here are five tips to help you find your voice:

  • Speak your truth! Are you beleaguered by body image issues? Passionate about pumpkin pie? Don’t try to imitate anyone else’s style or message. Find out what’s important to you and write about that.
  • Always write at the same time everyday! It’s important to commit to a schedule. Your brain only needs about eight weeks to establish a schedule, so hang in there!  Once you get through the first eight weeks you will be good to go, and ready to find your voice!  It can also help to use an attractive notebook and pen that you keep in the same place you are writing.
  • Write comments on facebook.  Don’t just cop out by hitting “like!” You will find it is an addictive little button after you try this tip.  Instead of just clicking “like” on your friends’ Pintrest projects, (pumpkin within a pumpkin to symbolize your baby-bump, anyone?) write a comment that captures your feeling about their pics! (Note: this is NOT for the faint of heart, and the “Edit” button is your friend.
  • Keep your eye on your goal!  Do you dream of being the next J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin? Well, you already have initials so, nothing’s stopping you!  Grab your favorite notebook and jot down what you love most about your favorite author/poet/journalist…or even blogger! *wink*
  • Get Feedback.  Just choose a piece of yours and get it out there! Ask friends, family, facebook, to review and critique you.  Remember, you’re ultimately in control of your own voice, so you can always reject any advice.


So, now you have five easy steps to finding your voice as a writer. Get to your favorite nationally franchised or painfully indie coffee shop and get writing!


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